Calgary Line of Credit Loans from Alpine Credits

If you own a home, an Alpine Credits line of credit can help you reach your financial goals by getting you the cash you need, right away.

Those living in Calgary are well aware of the costs of living in such an expensive city. There are bill payments, car payments, mortgage payments, not to include the price of entertainment, vacations and if you are a small business owner, the high cost of running a business in Calgary.

Sometimes it’s necessary to have cash on hand. That is why an Alpine Credits Alberta line of credit can help get you the money you need, be it $50k, $100k, or even $300k, based on the equity of your home.

What is a line of credit?

An Alpine Credits line of credit is a loan secured against the value of your home. Oftentimes, if you have bad credit, no credit or if you have a hard time verifying your income, other lending institutions may be reluctant to help.

How much money can you borrow?

You would be amazed at how much money you have available to you. Alpine Credits can help you assess the current value of your home to determine how much equity is there. It is determined by the value of the home less the amount you have paid on the mortgage so far. Property values in Calgary, Alberta have gone up in the last few years, so you may be pleasantly surprised at how much you can borrow through an Alpine Credits line of credit, it could be $50k, maybe even $300k.

Who can make use of an Alpine Credits line of credit?

Unlike the banks, Alpine Credits line of credit does not discriminate based on age, credit or income. All that matters is if you own a home.

Lines of credit for small businesses

Small companies in Calgary understand the importance of having a steady float. Employees need to be paid, suppliers need to have their expenses covered, and of course there is rent, materials and vehicles. If you need money, in a hurry, an Alpine Credits business line of credit can help the small business owner free up some cash for everyday expenses.

Lines of credit for debt consolidation

Canada is now 1.5 trillion dollars in debt! Spread out among all of the citizens of Canada, and that is $150,000 a piece. With the highest levels of debt ever, Canadians must find ways to handle their monthly payments before they become all-consuming. One way Calgary residents manage debt is through debt consolidation. An Alpine Credits line of credit can help keep debt in check, sometimes reducing monthly payments by as much as 2/3rds. To find out more about debt consolidation through financing, contact an Alpine Credits lending advisor today.

Home renovation line of credit

Alpine Credits lines of credit can help you get the capital you need to improve on your home. You might need a deck, or a new downstairs bathroom, or just a fence around the yard – either way, a home renovation line of credit can help you get access to that money right away, so you can start building within a week.

To find out how your can use your home equity loan to secure a line of credit, contact Alpine Credits.

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